A Rose For Emily Essay

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A Rose for Emily Miss Emily died alone in a small town after the civil war era. The death of Miss Emily was a mystery to the townsfolk but all attended the funeral. The men of the town attend because of a respectful obligation of the Greirson family name, woman of the town mosely out of curiosity to see the inside of the Grierson house. The Grierson house had became a town eyesore once was a grand house. No one has seen the inside of the Grierson house or Miss Emily for over 40 year but the old manservant Tobe. In the 1894 when Colonial Sartories the mayor at that the time had remitted the tax for Miss Emily. The respectful obligation to Miss Emily family name the Colonial Sartories invented a story of how Miss Emily father had loan the town money and that was the way to repay the debt. When the next generation with its modern ideas was dissatisfied with the arrangement so they called a meeting of Alderman and demand that Miss Emily pay taxes in Jefferson County .Once at the Grierson House the Alderman described Miss Emily as a small fat woman dress in black with a gold chain around her neck and a ebony cane with tarnished gold hair. Miss Emily face looked bloated and her skeleton small framed with dry and cold voice. At the meeting Miss Emily stood firm with the agreement that she would have taxes in Jefferson County. The meeting with Miss Emily and the next generation the taxes still remain uncollected until her death Miss Emily remain lock up thorough tut het life, never experiencing love from no one but her father. She lives a life of loneliness because her father drives off every young male caller, so she was forced to love only one man and that was her father. After her father death Miss Emily was left penniless the people of the town were glad they could pity her. The unemotional Emily cling to her father for three day then break down and they

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