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A Rose For Emily In a end, I do not see Miss Emily as the protagonist entirely for this simple reason. Surely she is a victim of tragedy, but she ends the story tragically by killing Homer with arsenic. She had to cope with the death of her wealthy yet protective father who left her with nothing. As well she also almost lost every chance of finding a suitor for herself. She is pitied by the townspeople because of these reasons. You just cant help but feel sorry for her. Now I understand why the story is titled a "A Rose for Emily". Such a person is given a rose who has been through it all. You give a rose to someone who deserves it. Emily did deserve it. As for Homer, I clearly do not see him as the main antagonist. While Homer did take an interest in Emily, he really did not want to marry because he had "remarked that he liked men". This drove Emily to depression and sadness to a point where she poisoned Homer. So in a way, Homer is also a victim of tragedy. I see him as a protagonist from the way he wooed Emily from his cunning behavior as well as not agreeing to marry Emily. There are several antagonists in the story. Those characters make Emily's life harder and I see them as pure antagonists. It's more of a group of people. The townspeople of the newer generation. They believe that Emily should pay taxes for living in Jefferson. Emily decided on her own that she should not have to pay taxes because her father gave money to the town that was never returned and she believes that is enough for her to not pay taxes Emily also refused to modernize her home and her lifestyle. She even refused to giving her home house numbers and a mail box for the new and improved mail system. The townspeople kept complaining about the smell coming from Miss Emily's house and they sent Emily's cousins to stop the relationship between Homer and Emily. The cousins

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