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A Rose For Emily Essay

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  • on November 21, 2011
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A Rose for Emily
In A Rose for Emily, William Faulkner uses characterization, theme, and symbolism to show how Emily was constricted by her father, and when he dies she kills her only love, Homer.
A Rose for Emily, is greatly influenced and set up around the plot of the story. One of the two main themes of the story are that people may resort to desperate measures to prevent being alone in life and to prevent being away from the ones they love. The second main theme is that things, people, and events are not always what they appear to be. This story portrays the love and commitment that Miss Emily has for her lover Homer.
After the death of Miss Emily's father her actions became even more abnormal. When Homer died, she kept the body for three days before she broke down and came to the realization that the first man that had ever shown her love was gone. Before he died, Miss Emily and Homer were seen around town by the many townspeople, who were glad for Emily but at the same time they didn't believe that Emily's relationship with Homer would become serious, because he was a Northerner and a day laborer.
Faulkner uses characterization to describe Emily as a wealthy and crazy woman. She was controlled by her father. Even after his death, he still seemed to maintain control of her. Mrs. Grierson is thought to be lonely and just wanted to be loved. The house that the story mentioned seems to be a reflection of its owner. How the author describes this house is very interesting. To describe the house he uses statements such as, "an eyesore among eyesores." This statement about the house and Emily is a very important aspect of the story. Throughout the story, the author depicts Emily in ways that would make you imagine a women sitting in her deathbed.
Faulkner uses symbolism to show how she loved Homer with all her heart, enough to keep him after she kills him. Emily killed Homer with the arsenic she purchased. The pillow with the indent of a head in it shows...

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