A Rose For Emily Essay

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Gabriella Cerda Professor Miyares English 1102 September 22, 2010 “ A Rose for emily” One of the interesting techniques that Faulkner used to develop “A Rose for Emily” was his use of feminism and how it plays a critical role in the development of the story. In the 1930’s, the women’s role in the southern culture is very different from modern day culture. Women had certain “rules” and “expectations” to meet according to society and if they were not met, those women were considered an outcast. Emily is the perfect definition of the “outcast” of Jefferson. She fails to comply with the rules by shrugging off trying to maintain her social statues as a mannerly women, took no concern into the judgment of her relationship with Homer Barrons, and, most importantly, refuses to follow the towns modern changes and new laws. Emily did not take and consideration into what socity expected a woman to do. In a typical southern family, an unmarried women would go live with their other family members when the head of the household is dead. In this case, when Mr. Grierson died, Emily refused to leave the house or let anyone stay with her for too long. She used her house as a shield from the rest of the world and put herself out of sight. Disobeying the code of social conduct is a great way to stir up the gossip and that is exactly what happens in Faulkner’s short story. Emily pays no attention to the whispers around her by the neighbors and while Emily continues to live in her dark and eery home, she still has the company of her faithful servant, Tobe. Not only did she have Tobe stay with her nut Emily also had Homer, whom which is an unmarried man, spend a few nights. Homer Barrons, a foreman from the North, takes special interest in Emily. He wins the admiration of the townspeople because of his gregarious nature and good sense of humor. Disppite his attributes, the

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