A Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Why I Love Shoplifting'

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The article, Why I love Shoplifting, talks about the unfair treatment that big corporations force upon citizens of the world. The essay explains and expresses the opinions of a shoplifter and why she steals from corporations. The author gives valid reasons for why people shoplift and why it is acceptable for them to do it. In the essay, the author analyzes the pros and cons of shoplifting in order to establish a credible connection with the audience, thus providing a credible connection with them. Using the collective knowledge of ex-corporation workers, the author uses rhetorical strategies such as ethos, pathos, and logos to express the true nature of the shoplifter’s intentions. The most important part of any article is the credibility…show more content…
Throughout the article, the author says “The shoplifter creates a third choice of her own: she takes the products she has been conditioned to desire without paying for them… Shoplifting is the most effective protest against all … modern corporations” (Ex-workers Pg. 2). The purpose of this article and its use of logos is to inform the reader of the how the big corporations are cheating them out of their money and how they can “stick it” to them. Ethos, pathos, and logos are all rhetorical strategies that are used to inform and convince the reader of the continuing problem of big corporations cheating people out of their hard earned money. The logic and the papers emotional pull all contribute to the credibility of the author and what she has to say. Through the authors use of rhetorical appeals, the reader can really get a sense of pride and honor for shoplifting, it makes them feel proud to be a shoplifter and proud to stand against the cruel tyranny that big corporations have on

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