A Rhetorical Analysis Of Glenn Beck's Point Of View

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In history there has always been a person who had power and control over something. Whether it was a ruler, displaying his power over his people, or a commoner, displaying power over their local neighbors, family, or pets. The person’s power to control depends on how the receiver acts towards his methods in a positive or negative way. An easy way to control or brainwash the masses is to start with the children. Glenn Beck portrays Obama in a negative way by saying he is indoctrinating American children. Glenn Beck uses pathos in his show to portray Obama as a ruler who is a manipulative and sneaky ruler. He does so by showing videos of children praising Obama’s presidency. Glenn then continues to say Obama is indoctrinating the children and students of America. He uses the word indoctrination in a negative tone creating negative pathos towards Obama. Glenn Beck knows his audience, republican parents, will react. When Glenn repeats the word indoctrination in a disgusted and sometimes sarcastic tone, and he scares the parents into thinking their children are being taught a partisan left wing agenda and to idolize Obama himself. Glenn knows as a speaker how…show more content…
Glenn mainly cares about how many followers he can obtain while he himself indoctrinates them to hate Obama because on almost every episode of his show he does not fail at portraying Obama as a deceiving, untrustworthy, and horrible president. Glenn chooses words that usually have a negative connotation when talking about President Obama or the government most of the time. Glenn used the word indoctrination and children to scare parents to think their children were having a democratic agenda being pushed on them but that is not necessarily the case. Glenn Beck’s main goal is to make people hate and dislike Obama and the democratic party whether he uses facts or

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