'A Rhetorical Analysis Of An Advertisement'

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Matt DeBoer April Myrick English 101 September 29, 2009 Advertisement Ninjas Advertisements are all around us;they are apart of our daily lives whether we want them to be or not. When one sees an advertisement for a Coke, all they may think about is the cold, refreshing beverage slowly going down theirthroat in a fantastic, sensual feeling. However, hidden in advertisements, there is more. It is the unintended effects in ads that are truly more important. Also, recognizing these are far more difficult than the targetted messaged. They are ninjas sneaking up on people from behind, ready to put things in your head so swiftly. Whether an advertisement secretly makes people want to take dance classes, further their faith in God,…show more content…
A grandfather and his grand-child out on a fishing trip in their wonderful boat. This is what every family is suppose to be like right? Of course it is, according to this magazine. The advertisement uses this very cute, family-orientated picture to draw you in. Don’t fall for it though! This is a strategy used by advertisers. In her essay, Jean Kilbourne makes an excellent point when she says, “Advertising often sells a great deal more than products. It sells values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and, perhaps most important, normalcy” (126). Normalcy is the big word in that quote;that’s what the ad is trying to show us how to live our lives. Trying to tell us what normal…show more content…
The readers are the prey, so vulnerable to media approaching in the distance. Sort of ironic that this is a hunting magazine too. This ad is in a hunting magazine because the designers know that people who read this will be interested in what their trying to sell, they take advantage of this opportunity. No contradiction is found here, as the ad matches perfect with what people read this magazine for. Also a smart strategy by the ad campaign here was to add the ad right next to a boat article, and in front of ads for selling boats. Looking close at the ad, one will see that the two people in this ad are not high class people either, they are a simple middle class family which will be much easier to connect with the type of people who read this magazine. One doesn’t usually find some millionare out on a fishing trip in a tiny little boat with plad shirts rolled up, and a dirty trucker hat placed right on top. That’s just something one doesn’t find very often, it is certainly a rare occasion. By doing this the designers of the ad and the readers create a connection with each other in a way by saying, “I enjoy the outdoors and enjoying life, just like you!” Once this connection is made with the reader they become much more vulnerable to be decieved by the ad company; they may even have them caught in a trap per say. Now that they have

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