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A Review Of Scholarly Journals

  • Submitted by: mysteryman123
  • on April 16, 2012
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Reviewing Journals of History

Education, in a scholarly sense, is generally conceived to occur between the period of pre-school through college. With no specificity towards a certain field, there is always some kind of enrichment or further depth of knowledge to be gained towards whatever field it is that you choose. For example, someone who happens to graduate from a college/university as a computer science major will not grant them a job with the title of ‘computer science’; they will certainly, if it is chosen to work in job within the realm of that degree, become something such as a ‘java programmer’ or a ‘software engineer’. In addition to what was just said, people who obtain a job such as one of these will continue to learn new developments in the field from other experts like themselves. These developments might include: programming languages, ultra-capable hardware, artificial intelligence, and the like. These developments are often revealed in the form of peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, and learning to access these efficiently will give potential job-seekers an edge over the rest of their competitors.
I am currently working on a degree in computer science, and I am looking into getting a job in software development at a major company such as Google or Microsoft. While history is not a particularly advantageous field to study for my major, the act does pose a benefit in that I will have a greater understanding of the way societies of different cultures choose to move forward in their advancements and, hence, I will be able to cater to a variety of needs and wants within their respects as greater technologies continue to surface. In this paper, I will look at two different scholarly journals relating to history, The Journal of Modern History and The Journal of American History, to enhance my efficiency in using these types of resources to my advantage.
Both of these journals are distributed by university publishing branches; University of Chicago...

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