A Respose to Crimnology Essay

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Here is a step by step guide to finding the article for the first assignment. While I know some of you found it through google and by other means, when an article is unsearchable on a public website and it is only found through the university, understanding how to find it is crucial. First - Go to the Library Website. Second - Under the "Find" tab at the top of the page choose the fourth option down from the top, "Journals". Third - At this landing page, you have two options: first would be to type the name of the journal into the search bar, or how I tired to show it in class, click on "browse ejournals" to bring up the alphabet. Fourth - If you chose "browse ejournals", the next step would be to find where the journal fits in regarding its title, in our case it falls under "Bm-Bz". Fifth - After clicking on "Bm-Bz" and either scrolling down the page, or using the search function (crtl + f for Windows; command+f for Mac) of your computer, find the title of the journal and click on it. Sixth - After finding the journal and clicking on it, next comes going to the actual webpage of the journal itself. In order to find the actual issue you want (ours being from 1977) it is important to see at the top of this page under "Connect to" what dates each option provides. The option, "OUP: (1960-)" shows that it has issues from 1960 until today. Seventh - After clicking on the "OUP: (1960-)", it should bring you to the homepage of the journal on the Oxford Journals website. Next, find the archives at the top of the page (it is in-between "Current Issue" and "Search"), then go to the 1977 issues. Eight - After clicking on 1977, it brings us to the four issues for that year. Even though we just have the volume number "17", which corresponds to the year 1977, but not the issue number, the page range of the article will help us determine which issue it

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