A Reflective Account Of Practice Observation Essay

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A Reflective Account of Practice Observation The intention of this essay is to reflect upon an experience that took place whilst on my first practical placement in a clinical setting. Below I have described a situation where verbal communication between the patient and those caring for him was challenging due to his condition. I will look at other types of communication when establishing a therapeutic relationship and comforting the patient. I have chosen to use and utilize John’s model of reflection. He documents that reflection is being mindful of self, either within or after the experience enabling the practitioner to view or focus on themselves within the context of a particular experience. He feels that this is important in order to confront, understand and move toward resolving contradiction between one’s vision and actual practice. (Johns 1994). I feel that this will be a useful exercise as it will enable me to look at my focusing on my own behaviour as a way of overcoming difficulties and learning from them. This will ultimately improve the care that I can deliver through-out my practice journey. I will use the pseudonym ‘Andy’ to maintain the patient’s confidentiality; in accordance with The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008). Andy was a 69 year old patient who had suffered a left-hemisphere stroke and had been on the ward for just four days when I met him. As a result of his stroke, Andy had almost no movement in the entire right hand side of his body (right Hemiplegic) He was unable to get out of bed and movement was extremely limited due to paralysis. He was completely dependent on nursing staff to take responsibility for all of his basic care needs. Andy’s stroke had also caused him to develop aphasia, a term used to describe a wide range of speech and language problems. His inability to use his speech related muscles meant that he was

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