A Reflective Account of Blood Glucose Monitoring Simulated Skills Essay

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A reflective account of blood glucose monitoring simulated skills. This essay reflects upon blood glucose monitoring skills that was learnt at the skills Laboratory, and experienced during my clinical practice with a diabetic service user. Blood glucose monitoring is a way of gaining an indication concentration of glucose blood, thereby allowing diagnosis and treatment of a condition, (Endacott et al, 2009). In the United Kingdom (UK), it was predicted that the current 2.6 million people diagnosed with diabetes will peak to over 4 million by 2025, (Diabetes UK, 2010). According to Endacott et al 2009, monitoring blood glucose has a vital role to play in minimising the development of such complications as retinopathy, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease and stroke. The essay will first describe the simulated skill experienced in the skills laboratory and will then reflect on two aspects, techniques and communication. Compassion display towards service users and understanding blood glucose monitoring will assist the services user’s health care needs. Relevant evidence supporting statement will be given. The conclusion will reflect understanding of blood glucose monitoring and its impact on the service user. It will also reflect on skills and knowledge gained, and how it will influence me as a student nurse and in my future professional career. In order to understand how blood glucose is maintained in the body, it is important to comprehend that the liver and the pancreas are the two major glands which are involved in maintaining blood glucose level. The liver carries blood from the stomach and pancreas, whilst the pancreas secretes the hormones, insulin and glucagon. The insulin secretes to promote carbohydrate metabolism whilst the glucagon stimulates glycogenolysis in the liver. The two hormones work together to regulate blood glucose levels, in

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