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Morgan Taylor December 12, 2010 period 8 A Raisin in the Sun A dream can be a goal that one individual wants to achieve and strives to make a reality, and while dreams can occur during the night when fast asleep, they can also occur throughout a person’s lifetime. The dream can make a person feel valuable in society and feel as though they have a purpose for living. In A Raisin in the Sun by Loraine Hansberry, many goals are reached for, but not all are acquired. In the epigraph Harlem (A dream deferred) Langston Hughes poses the rhetorical question “What happens to a dream deferred?” (Qtd. In Hansberry) When a dream is deferred, all aspects of life no longer seem necessary and obtaining a better life by moving up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is no longer possible. The hopes that cannot be fulfilled can have lasting negative effects. The protagonists, Walter and Beneatha Younger, both had their dreams deferred, and in turn their efforts to move forward and accomplish more challenging needs in life to come to a halt. In order to develop, grow, and mature throughout life, first one must achieve their basic needs and then, only when all physiological needs are fulfilled can a person move on to try to achieve more complex goals. Physiological necessities are those that are essential to the life of the individual. These include breathing, nutrition, and water. (File: Maslow’s) Without these components it would be impossible to stay alive and ultimately continue the human race. As individuals progress throughout their life and attempt to achieve more, the process of trying to fully reach the next higher level on the hierarchy becomes harder. The next level in the ladder is safety needs which include the feeling of being personally and financially secure, having health and well being, and having protection against accidents. This level of safety

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