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Essay In the book "A Raisin in the Sun", there are many characters who can be divided into different categories due to personality or actions during the book. Categories such as "those who make things happen, those which watch things happen, and those wonder what happened. In this essay I will place three different characters in oe of those categories and explain why. I think Beneatha is a person "who make things happen". I believe this because whatever Beneath put her mind to she does. For example, in the book when Asaigai called her an assimulationists she did everything in her power to prove him wrong, by not straighting her hair, etc.Another example is that she is going to school to educate herself to be a doctor, until Walter messes up the money. Beneatha also wants to know about her roots which at the end of the book, she wants to go to Africa with Asaigai.Therefore I believe Beneatha would fit perfectly into this category. I believe Mama is a person who would fit under "watches things happen". For example when Ruth was talking about getting an abortion, Mama waited for Walter to tell Ruth that she could not get an abortion. Even though he doesn't Mama still waited for him to speak up. Another example where Mama just "watch things happen", is when Beneatha changes subjects or majors at school where she doesn't know what she wants. All Mama would do is tell Beneatha her opinion, which Beneatha doesn't hear. Lastly, I think Tracis fits into the description of "wondered about what happened". I believe this because Travis is the youngest in the play and he really wouldn't know whats going on. For example when Walter was talking to Mr. Linder, during the end of the play, Walter wanted Travis to come sit with him during his speech which then Travis asked "what is this about Dadday", showimg that he was unsure about the situation. Another example would probably

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