A Rasin in the Sun Essay

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Sarah Winkler Dramatic Lit. Hour 6 9/20/12 A Raisin in the Sun [Paper] A Raisin in the Sun Throughout the book A Raisin in the Sun, the search for the American Dream is ever present. The Younger family lives the life of every African American living in the big city during the 1960’s; constantly feeling the lack of acceptance from the white community, the majority. Each member of the family, in their own way, chases after their own American Dream of being bigger and better than the standards set before them by their ancestors. When Mama says, “Well, I always wanted me a garden like I used to see sometimes at the back of the houses down home,” she displays her lifelong wishes for her future (Hansberry 41). This quote shares with us the longing Mama has for a better life. She wants to find a life of greater joy and reward. During a conversation between Beneatha and Walter about what is to happen with Mama’s insurance check, Walter says, “I’m interested in you. Something wrong with that? Ain’t many girls who decide – (Both Beneatha and Walter in unison) – “to be a doctor.” Beneatha is chasing after the dream of chasing further than the odds against her allow her to go (Hansberry, 24). Not only does she dream of being a doctor, but she dreams of being a doctor with different colored skin. Throughout my life, I chase the dream. I chase after the stereotypical dream of every person in the world; to own a big house and get rich or die trying. We all dream. Honestly, if you don’t, you’re most likely dead. I dream of being successful. Through talent, hard work, determination, and perseverance, I am most likely to achieve my dreams. I also dream for today. I feel as if each day is one to be lived through the precious moments it brings. Like Mama or Walter, or even Beneatha, I dream for the better alternatives. Also like their characters, I not only search for the

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