A Rasin in the Sun Essay

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A Rasin’ in the sun ENTRY ONE Act one scene one; This scene starts off with Ruth (the mother) and Travis ( the son) getting up in the morning rushing to a bathroom that the rest of the family including Walter Lee (father of Travis, husband of Ruth, brother of Beneatha and son of Mama) , Beneatha (The sister of Walter Lee and daughter of mama) , and Mama (mother –in –law of Ruth and mother of both Walter and Beneatha) have to share with two other families. When Walter is finally out of bed and finishes his shower he starts to talk to Ruth about the insurance check for Mama because of the father’s death in the family. Walter tries to get Ruth to find out what Mama is going to do with the check for 10,000. She does just that and mama says that 3,000 of it is going to Beneatha school since she wants to become a doctor, before all of that Mama is a very spiritual women who loves her children but they use words Mama rather not hear in her presence. Such as Beneatha saying that she tired of GOD taking credit of matters that go on in the world ENTRY TWO Act one scene two; The next day was a Saturday, the day the check comes and the day prior Ruth had fainted so she went off to the doctor. Ruth had been having feeling sick and had been drinking lots of tea, she had a hunch about being pregnant but wasn’t sure so that Saturday early in the morning she went off to the doctor and the doctor told her she was two months, then later Ruth went to a lady to give her a down payment on having an abortion. Then later the check comes at 10:30 and everyone is excited. Walter on the other hand is going on and on about an investment in a liquor business to get hundreds of thousands more than what they had in the beginning. Meanwhile Beneatha has a friend named Asagai is going to come over to the house while everyone is tiding up, to talk to Beneatha about Africa and how Asagai

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