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A Raisin in the Sun Essay

  • Submitted by: Khulick
  • on November 15, 2014
  • Category: English
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Hulick 1
Katherine Hulick
October 6, 2014
Course 129-0G1

A Raisin In The Sun
The Film

  1. While watching this film, I liked how they set up the apartment.   When I read the book every time the apartment was mentioned I felt gloomy and depressed.   The film did a really good job at showing the audience how depressing the Younger family lived.   I also liked how well Beneatha played her character.   When I read the book I pictured someone acting and looking exactly how she did in the film.  
  2. One thing I was disappointed in was Mamas character.   While reading the book I pictured her looking a little different.   In the film, I felt she looked a little fake.   For example, her hair looked so much more like a wig then her real hair.   A scene that moved me was when Walter gave Travis 50 cents.   You can picture something like that in your head, but seeing the expression on a person is a totally different feeling.   I have never seen someone so happy to get 50 cents.  
  3. In the book, the scenes never leave the apartment, but in the movie we get to see Walter driving around his client.   This wasn’t a huge change from the book, but I think they added it in to show really how sad Walter was driving people around.

Hulick 2
  4. After watching the film, the time period definitely became clear to me.   I understood what the Younger family was going through when reading the book, but actually seeing it helped me understand there true emotions better.   For example, Walter wanting the money so badly.   It wasn’t about himself, but instead it was about making his family happy.   After physically seeing his emotions it became way more clear how he was feeling about his life and his family.
  5. I still don’t fully understand why the play is called A Raisin In The Sun, but otherwise I thought that it was a good book and film.  
  6. Yes, I think that it would be worth it to watch the rest of the film.   I really would like to see how the “welcoming...

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