A Raisin In The Sun Essay

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Ashley October 12, 2010 English9/Period 4/Cummings “A Raisin in the Sun” Essay 2 A Raisin in the Sun Your neighborhood may be a beautiful, friendly, safe community. However, if your neighbor suddenly painted his house lime green with neon blue polka dots, people may think it is not as beautiful. If a real grouch moved across the street, people may think it is not as friendly. If a convict moved there, people may think it is not as safe. A neighborhood should be kept the same for the overall feeling of safety, property value doesn’t decrease, and for the enjoyment of citizens. Most people feel safe in their neighborhood. That may be one of the key reasons why they live there. By changing the neighborhood, people may not feel as safe living there. You want a certain kind of people living around you. Nice, friendly people are something people look for when buying a house. People want to feel comfortable allowing their children to walk to and from school, or hang out with their friends, or even be able to go to the local park without parents having to take them. All of these things require a safe neighborhood. The main thing that realtors use in the process of trying to sell a house is location. If your house is located in a community with nice people and beautiful yards and houses around you, that house is going to sell for more than a house located in a ghetto. You may want to move in the near future. If your neighbors have a rusty car sitting in their front yard that they never use, it may not be very appealing to other buyers, therefore your house may not be sold for as much as expected. By having a nice community, people who are looking to sell their houses are going to have a better income and a better chance of selling their house. Most citizens living in a neighborhood live there for the good living conditions provided. Most

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