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A Raisin in the Sun Essay

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  • on May 19, 2013
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Walter Lee Younger
Song:   King of the Beach
By:       Wavves
Year:   2010
This song reminds me of Walter due to them wanted to be king of something.   Walter wants to be as business owner which means he would be owner or “king” of something. One lyric, “your never gonna stop me, your never gonna stop me”, reminds me of how he was constantly wanting the money from mama and he finally got it after constant talk and whining about the money he needed.
Song:   For the Love of Money
By:       The O’ Jays
Year:   1973 A.D.
This song definitely has to do with Walter from the beginning and middle of the play.   He would do anything for money even take the one check to save his family.   He thought he was helping his family with this money and had the idea planted in his head from Willy Harris.  
Ruth Younger
Song:   I’m so tired
By:       The Beatles
Year:   1968
Ruth is a tired woman at the beginning of the play.   She has her own work, with house work and a kid to take care.   She is very tired and due to her tiredness she is very irritable( along with being pregnant).   So while she is so tired she doesn’t like putting up with Walter’s crap and tends to tell him to be quiet and “eat his eggs”.

Song:   Here Comes the Sun
By:       The Beatles
Year:   1969
Finally, Ruth can stop worrying about house work and her new baby.   She can get some sleep with a new future coming along with the new house and that brings her joy.   The sun is coming up in her cloudy future and now her family is happy, mama got her house and now passed the family ropes to Walter; Walter finally became a man; Beneatha has become more mellow and no long has to get a final word; and her kid can have his own room while not listening to grown up conversation.   Everything she had dreamed for is coming true one day at a time.
Beneatha Younger
Song:   Summertime
By:       Miles Davis
Year:   1959
This isn’t really a song but a really mellow smooth jazz rhythm that is very mellow.   This...

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