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A Raisin in the Sun Analysis The play A Raisin in the Sun presents many strong themes. It is easily seen that the play was written for a purpose that was beyond just entertainment. From the context of the play, it seems like it came out right around the time when the civil rights movement was ending, and black people were trying to integrate into society. The correlation between the real life events and the events in the play gives A Raisin in the Sun a very relatable message. The first message, or theme, I noticed was that people, whether you are black or white, are designed to desire a purpose. All people want to feel ownership or power over something. This is clearly seen in Walter Lee. He is sad and angry until he is given money, and responsibility. When he is given that, he finds happiness. When Ruth finds out that she will have a nice house to live in, her misery turns to happiness as well. The second theme I noticed was the apparent issue of skin color. I was very interested in the scene when the man from the welcoming committee came to visit the Younger family for the first time. The Younger’s were so hospitable and welcoming, and the man from the welcoming committee seemed to relate well with them. Tension immediately spikes when the man brought up the issue of the family’s race. In one scene, the play shows how nice people are when skin color is not involved, and how nasty things can get when skin color is involved. I thought it was very smart to write that scene to show such a blatant contrast in such a quick matter of time. To me, that scene strongly conveyed the theme that skin color should not get in the way. Nice people are nice, mean people are mean; their skin color does not have anything to do with it. In addition to noticing the strong themes, I observed how each theme was expressed through each character so vividly. My favorite character in

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