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A Raisin in the Sun Essay

  • Submitted by: shauny93
  • on December 4, 2012
  • Category: English
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Carina Jenkins
Professor Scott Memmer
English 097
25, October 2012
Word Count: 931
      Conflicts, Issues, Differences; We All Have Them
      Conflict is an argument based on a situation where two human beings have a separate outlook on a certain situation. For example we, the United States, have a conflict today where to prosperous leaders have different aspects on life with how to run the people, an external conflict. When we think of conflict we think of everyday life issues including the five letter word “money”. In Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, a play, there are two types of conflict we view; external conflict and internal conflict. Walter and Mama, is an example of external conflict, a man vs. man. The inside conflict within these two main characters, Mama and Walter is an example of internal conflict, a man vs. self. As we explore the two different types of conflicts and the different main characters it shows we all have conflicts, issues, and differences.
      Let us take a closer look at the external conflict between Mama and Walter. A mother and a son have their separate opinions on the well-being of the family. Mama receives a settlement from her husband that passes on and leaves Mama with ten thousand dollars insurance check and is the last memorable object of her husband. She becomes very uncertain with the money and up to the day the check comes, everyone including Mama’s grandson Travis asked about the check. One of the major sources of external conflict in this play is money. For instance, Walter asks did it come, mentioning the check. Mama tells Walter why he can’t give a proper Christian greeting before he starts asking about money. And Walter still asks about the check to Ruth, his wife. “... And there ain’t going to be no liquor stores.” (70) Since Act I conflict has occurred with everyone’s mind on the money that every character knows is going to change their life forever. Walter has asked about the money and has been...

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