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A Rainy Day Essay

  • Submitted by: CoolRohitt
  • on October 16, 2012
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Rains are a blessing for mankind. They are welcomed by all, young and old alike, especially in the summer season. Rains are backbone of our agricultural economy. The farmers in our country also welcome them. Sometimes they may also prove to be a curse when they cause floods in many parts of the country, bringing untold miseries to the people. Untimely rains may ruin the standing crops also. But there is no doubt that the prosperity of our country depends greatly on rains.
It has been rightly said that Indian agricultural is a gamble in the rains. The prosperity of our farmers greatly depends on them. If the rains are sufficient, then we have good agricultural crops and if they are scanty, famine may take place in many parts of our country. On the other hand, if there are more rains then needed then they bring disaster for the people. Thus, we cannot say the rains are both a blessing and curse for countrymen.
I remembered one such day when I was going to one of my friend’s house. Even during early hours of the day it was very hot. There was no sign of rain as the day temperature was above 400 C. I hardly covered half distance to my friend’s house on my cycle when surprisingly, I noticed a change in weather.
Just out of nowhere clouds covered the sky and the bright day turn into cool evening. Within a few seconds the bright hot day turned into a cool evening. This unexpected change in the weather created confusion as people ran here and there to take shelter. People moved under the shed at the bus stop. Shops were full of surprised people. I was so over enjoyed that I continued to move on and let myself get wet.
I saw people out in balcony of their houses thoroughly enjoying the showers. Children moved out almost shrieking in joy. The small children also started playing with the paper boats which they made with multi-coloured paper. All the dirt and dust from the plants and trees washed away. The grass and leaves on the trees which looked withered in the heat...

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