A Proposal to Change Statutory Rape and Age of Consent

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Everyone doesn’t look their age. There used to be a time where a 12 year old looked like a 12 year old and no one could deny his or her age but in today’s society with whatever is put in the food and teenagers physically developing earlier as the years go by, there is no telling how old a person is by physically looking at them. So what is an older young adult to do if they have sex with a minor and find out after that the minor is a minor? When a minor looks older than they are they often time use that to their advantage and it’s not until the damage is done that they admit they are younger than the other person thinks. The age range for high school students is 13-19 and there are seniors who date freshman. Are they wrong to want to have sex? According to Legaldictionary.com, statutory rape is defined as sexual intercourse by an adult with a person below a statutorily designated age. We set laws for the safety of everyone. However, statutory rape is consensual sex by two people with age limits. The punishment for statutory rape varies the minimum sentence being a misdemeanor and maximum sentence being a felony, but whatever sentence is given the convicted has to register as a sex offender. How can someone be registered as a sex offender when both people agreed to have sex. What should we do? Due to media, peer pressure, and curiosity many teens and pre-teens are starting to willingly have sex at a younger age. Also, with maturity and physical looks a minor can no longer be pointed out by their appearance. The age of consent and statutory rape age range should be widened because younger minors and young adults will have sex regardless but giving someone a felony or misdemeanor and registering as a sex offender for consensual sex is unconstitutional. I think the age range should be from age 11 to 21 because age 11 has become the new age many minors are starting
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