A Privilege Not a Necessity!

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Alvarez 1 Michael Alvarez Mrs. Kathy Parrish English 116 November 27, 12 A Privilege Not a Necessity! First and foremost, a college graduate on average are smarter and also have better work habits than a high school graduate. Higher Education is a great investment, going to college getting a degree and then finding a great career from which you can make a living sounds great, but is it really for everyone? Robert J. Samuelson in the article, “It’s Time to Drop College-for-All Crusade,” Published May 27, 2012 in the Washington Post, basic argument is that telling everyone, “Anyone can go to college,” needs to stop. School isn’t for everybody out there and those who can’t excel at school should consider a vocational education. Samuelson’s purpose in the article is to inform us so that we can have a better understanding on the educational system and how the College-for-All is doing more harm then good. He supports his argument by demonstrating statistics and information on how college-for-all effects our education programs and the peoples perspective over the years. He writes in a formal tone for students and professors. Samuelson does an outstanding job convincing his readers about his main point of view. Samuelson begins his article ‘Its Time to Drop the College –for-All,’ by providing some brief history on his topic and using a good anecdote in “Like the crusade to Alvarez 2 make all Americans homeowners, it’s now doing more harm than good,” which was well though out because the use of the anecdote gives the reader a understanding of what’s becoming the outcome of this college-for-all crusade. Then he gives the readers an explanation of
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