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Crystal Ducusin Period 03 Title and Author: A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving Summary: John Wheelwright reflects on his childhood living in Gravesend with his best friend Owen Meany. John always hoped that someday his mother would tell him who his father was, however, Owen Meany killed John’s mother in a baseball game as he batted a foul ball which hit her on the head. John then, is now taken care by his grandmother, Harriet Wheelwright, and stepfather, Dan Needham, who acts as a true father that John never had. After time has passed since John’s mother’s death, Owen Meany is placed in two plays: Ghost of Christmas Past and A Christmas Carol, playing roles as Baby Jesus and the Ghost of Christmas. During the show of A Christmas Carol, Owen has a vision…show more content…
Meany: Owen’s father Mr. Meany is a nice man, who works in the granite business. Mrs. Meany: Owen’s mother is an abnormal woman who isolates herself in her home. She rarely speaks or moves from her spot in front of the fireplace. Significance of Title: The book itself was a prayer for Owen as John tells his story and then ends with him asking God to give Owen back. However, in the title, there is a sense of irony because Owen is the person with the most confidence. The idea that a prayer would need to be said for Owen is really odd since he lived his entire life planning for his fate, and when he came close to his destiny, he was successful in it. Significance of Setting: Toronto, Canada in 1987, and Gravesend, New Hampshire from 1952 to 1968. John moved to Canada because it was Owen’s request for him to do so, and this shows how dedicated John was to Owen, and how he needs Owen to give him direction(even throughout the whole story). Gravesend is a pleasant town to live in, however the time period makes them look at the world as dangerous and unfamiliar with the killings of famous people along with the Vietnam War. Significant Symbols and

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