A Prayer for Owen Meany Essay

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A Prayer for Owen Meany A Prayer for Owen Meany Essay #1 Do you have a friend that stays by you through thick and thin, blood, sweat, and tears and a whole lot of jazz? I'm not talking about those fake friends that will leave you as soon as they smell trouble. I'm talking about your home boys, your main chick, your ride or die. The type of people that will take a bullet for you. That's the kind of friendship that Owen and John have. Owen and John's friendship did not shatter after Owen accidentally kills John's mother. Even though Owen believes that he is God's instrument and the death was not an accident, John knows Owen didn't mean to kill her and almost feels sorry for him. At the end they still loved each other. "Dan understood that I loved Owen, and that I wanted to talk with him—most of all—but that it was a conversation, for both Owen's sake and mine, that was best to delay. But before we finished loading the baseball cards in the car, Dan Needham asked me, "What are you giving him?"" Owen is supportive of John when John was searching for his birth father. He is also supportive of John when he began to lust for Germaine just like he lusted for his own cousin Hester. Owen connects the two situations and says that John will find his birth father through lust. "It is amazing to me, now, how such wild imaginings and philosophies—inspired by a night charged with frights and calamities—made such perfectly good sense to Owen Meany and me; but good friends are nothing to each other if they are not supportive." Owen is like John's protector and vows to never leave his side. When it became time for the two boys to go to Gravesend Academy there was a problem. Owen was accepted into the academy but John was not. For John to get into the academy he would have to go to ninth grade in a public school then repeat ninth grade at the academy. Owen and John wanted to finish

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