A Positive Role Model In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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‘Slim stands out as a positive role model for those around him.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement? Slim is considered the ‘prince of the ranch.’ He is strong, practical, skilful, fair and exceptionally good at his job. Slim is symbolic of the model of the hero, king or leader. He is a ‘god’ among the men on the ranch and his word on any subject is law. He decides who is wrong and right and is like the law on the ranch. The other men recognize his superiority and never question his actions or decisions, making Slim a constructive role-model for the men, except for Curley. Slim can’t influence Curley and is not a good role-model for him. For example, when Curley’s wife dies, Slim suggests Curley ‘stay with his wife’ but Curley is set on finding Lennie to kill him,…show more content…
As soon as he found out that Lennie was being hunted down by the men on the ranch, especially Curley, he didn’t try to stop it or convince the men to re-think their actions. Once George told him of his plan to kill Lennie himself, Slim understood but he didn’t actually try to help them avoid the situation. He could have done so by encouraging them to run away and he could have given them some money to give them a head-start. I do agree to a great deal that Slim is a positive role-model for those around him. He possesses positive traits like believing in equality and trying to do the best by those around him. The only problem is that the men (and Curley’s wife) on the ranch aren’t entirely influenced by Slim and though Slim may, to some extent, be a good person, he isn’t entirely an influential person who can encourage others around him to be just like him. Slim is a positive role-model to some extent, but for him to be a completely positive role-model, his fairness would have to influence those around him to follow his
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