A Plan That Misses Two Boats

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Jeff Gerik Mrs. Thomas English III-1 23 March 2009 A Plan that Misses Two Boats The topic of single-sex eduation has been thought of as the new age of learning. It could be a place where girls and boys can learn without having to worry about outside distractions. Classrooms could be set up to where students can think with their minds instead of their hormones. What people fail to realize, however, is single-sex education can damage social skills and create a problem for students. Segregating boys and girls from classrooms causes more fights, more disruption, and a more distressed environment. Therefore, students learn better in a co-ed classroom environment. Studies show that there are some advantages in keeping girls and boys separated in school. When girls were removed from a classroom setting, the guys tended to let their guards down and showed they actually had a caring nature about what they were learning. They didn’t have to worry about being tough. Once we removed girls from the equation, all of this “I’m this big tough guy” stuff just completely disappeared (Mahan 2). In this environment, the guys seemed to really work well together and appeared to be less distracted. It is obvious that girls and boys are different, but at the same time can have a lot in common. They both possess traits that are masculine and feminine. A masculine trait, such as leadership and competitiveness, as well as a feminine trait, such as kindness and good communication, is something they both possess. However, because of gender roles, you may feel like you know what to expect of someone, which makes it easier to relate (Abrahams 1). Studies show that when more girls there are in the class, the less fights there are between students. Girls provide better relationships among students, resulting in fewer fights. Having girls around leads to more cooperation

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