A Plan for Positive Influence

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A Plan for Positive Influence Ashley C. Nelson LDR/531 Organizational Leadership June 24, 2012 Professor Phillips A Plan for Positive Influence The first step to creating a plan to increase a group or team’s motivation, satisfaction, and performance is to understand their relationship. One way that you can describe the relationship between motivation, satisfaction and performance is that motivation is what people need to perform their jobs better. However, everyone is not motivated in the same way or by the same things. For example, “where one gets motivated, obtains satisfaction, and consequently performs better from getting additional responsibility assigned, another may feel much better valued and encouraged to higher productivity if he or she is merely being listened to, or given some flexibility in his or her work schedule” (Bhatia, 2010). Work design is one approach to increase the overall effectiveness of a team. However, the attitudes, emotions, personalities and values of the individual team members affect the operation and behavior of a team. Understanding, evaluating, and analyzing the attributes of each team members contribute to the work design and team layout of an organization. Team members who are not ecstatic about their job are usually not comfortable with the team concept. Using the emotions, attitudes, values and personalities of employees to motivate their team performance creates a cohesive and progressive team. Motivation Motivation will only work if people are open to it, and when it is presented by leaders of the company in the right way. Motivation should always be aimed at the person who needs to be motivated. Motivation will have no bearing on a person if they are not willing or able to step up to the challenge. Therefore, it is very important for anyone in a leadership role to recognize that motivation can only work if the

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