A Plague of Tics Essay

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a Ta 1 Vui Ta WR 201 William Lemon 08/02/2012 David Sedaris’ Life in A Plague of Tic When you see the people who act panicky actions, what do you think about? In A Plague of Tics, taken from Naked, Sedaris breaks down the eccentricity such as licking things, tapping his shoes over his forehead, and rocking. Through the essay, he describes his suffering of his obsessive-compulsive disease that makes him an outcast from elementary into college. Moreover, he not only allows the audiences to take a look at his personal life but also leads the readers to relate his struggles. By struggling with his tics, Sedaris discovers a way to control his outlandish behaviors that make him normal in society’s eyes. By using an intentional and humorous tactic, the author depicts his eccentric habits that plagued his childhood. From licking light switches to counting “six hundred and thirty-seven steps (Sedaris, page360)” or having to return his steps if he loses count. After completing his school routine, he still feels the urge to satisfy his obsessive impulses; it results in additional foolish antics through the day and night, “toss in radio, and I was content to rock until three or four o’clock in the morning (Sedaris, p363).” At first, he thinks there is nothing wrong in his action, and he does whatever comes to his mind because he could not control. However, when his teachers only see his habits as a disturbance to the class; his mother imitates her son’s actions for fun, or his father attempts to stop him with a series of threats, he feels abnormal. The Ta 2 protagonist is trapped inside his thinking, and his is isolated from society by his tics. The author incorporates all sorts of humor to somewhat ease the tension of revealing his life; the readers may get a real sense of self-representation while reading. He

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