A Place Where You Live in Essay

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Every body wants to live in a place which is neat and clean,green and occupied by nice and gentle people . I am fortunate enough to get such place which is in outskirt of Delhi, capital of India . Good things I noticed in my place are it has all basic facilities like Good hospitals, police station ,fire station within 2 km radius of my home , it has Green parks after every 100m .Some bad things which I noticed in my place are poor transport facility ,bad water and electricity supply . First I like to share pleasing things which I found around my home . There is greenary all around ,we have number of beautiful gardens after every 100 m , It is very neat and clean place well managed by Ansals authority , It is very near to international airport which is just 10 km from my home , It has all basic facilities like good schools ,colleges ,hospitals , police station ,fire station ,shopping malls .Moreover people staying here are very cultured and cooperative . Above qualities really make me feel highly graced that I have home in such a beautiful place like in childhood ,I had my many parks to play in ,I had best schools of city within 1 km from my home . In addition to this I got admission in an engineering college which is just 2 km from my home and have rank third in country which had given me chance to get state of art education while staying at my home . After this I got selected in company which is just 5 km from my home .So because of all this facilities my life passed very comfortably In addition to above positive features there are also some negative features like shortage of electricity ,water and public transport . In our area there is electric cut for around six hours everyday .Water supply is also unhygienic and not sufficient which have made our life terrible to live .Moreover public transport facility is also unsatisfactory due which we cut

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