A Place That Is Important to Me

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A Place that is Important to Me Everyone has their place to go their place to be when they want to be alone. Everyone needs to be alone, at some point or another; it is just necessary. Even if it is the drive to work you can think, maybe not zone out like I like to do when I want to be alone, because that would be bad, but you have quite and peace. You are able to talk to yourself and not be judge, you can think what you are going to do for the rest of your life who knows what people do when they are alone, all I know is that everyone needs that alone time and other people spend it differently from others. Some people like to go to the park, the lake, their tree house, or even their car; I on the other hand like to go to my room. As soon as you walk into my room it screams my name. The brightly colored wall the amount of things on the floor and the different amount of things that hang on the wall; everyone can tell that is my room. My room is filled yellow; it is my favorite color you know, but not just that. I like it because it makes my room bright and fun so it is not boring and blah like other rooms. I want my room to be fun and scream of excitement. I have green, blue, orange, and purple polka dots scattered on the walls in different sizes that pop out like the moon at night. I have many things hanging on the wall from pictures, to mums, to even bottle caps that hang on the ceiling. Each and everything that is on my wall has a memory behind it that I will only understand. My room is very important to me in many ways, it is where I have me time, where if I brought my best friend over we can talk all night and not worry about a thing. It is important to me because of the way it makes me feel when I’m lying in bed staring at the different pictures and items that hang on the wall. I can lie in bed and close my eyes and replay each memory in my head as if

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