A Place Called Home

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A Place Called Home People’s preference for the place they would call home has a lot to do with what they prefer that place has to offer. Two different towns could have a totally different atmosphere, climate, jobs, and even the traditions that are there. The rough tough man, Michael Perry, decided that his perfect place would be the petite town of New Auburn, Wisconsin. On the other hand, my view on a place to call home is slightly different than his. I would choose the town of Portland, Oregon. Although our reasons may be different, they show what we would prefer in a town that we would like to live in. The thought of a small community that has great security and tradition intrigues Perry. His interest in living in a small town like New Auburn brings forth a sense of community closeness. The community being so small, tends to watch each other. They protect each other bringing forth a huge sense of security. Many small towns don’t have very much crime for the population is puny. The town comes together and tries to make it safe place for everyone. Also, many traditions that Perry may like is hunting. Hunting in a smaller town is part of tradition there and almost everyone participates bringing the community closer. Perry like the fact that the community comes together to help each other and share traditions together, unlike a larger town. Although, small town living sounds like a great idea, my preference would be slightly different. I like the quaint nature of small towns but for my needs I would be better off in a large populous city. Small towns seem to not have much going on but the large town living is where it is at. In small towns you know everybody, but in the city of Portland, Oregon, it’s a whole lot different. You can meet new people and visit new places. Activities that I enjoy may not be available to me in small town. For instance, one of my
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