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Description of an event During my mid semester break, I was looking forward towards an event that I was invited by an old friend. The event is called “Rantai Art Festival” whereby in my acknowledge, it was event that most of the popular visual young artists display their masterpiece. It was held at Mia Red Bungalow located beside the Twin Tower of Kuala Lumpur. The event started with a fascinating gimmick as their opening ceremonial to the event inside the red bungalow because there’s where the masterpieces were displayed. There were also sell goods and antique items like small merchandise and t-shirts. What’s more, they held activities like art installation about nature, reading poetry and mini theatre, gravity competition and live band. What I found really amazing was the masterpiece that they displayed at the ground floor in the Bungalow. There’s an artwork done by Mohd Azwan that he himself was the subject matter. By wearing a black magician jacket, black slack, black magician hat and a black piece of cloth covering his own face, he just sat on a chair with a small desk in front of him. On top of the desk, there was a paper written all sorts of weird Sanskrit language as in it’s a spell. Then, there was also several almost-hyper-realistic drawings of eyes by DrippBlack. He used just pencil, liquid and ink pen in a small piece of paper. I particularly loved the way how he drew it. All things considered, the event was great to give some inspirations and new breath for youth like me and my fellows as we took a course on Visual Arts. I like the way how they organize the event although it was rain heavily that some activities have to stop for quite a while. Event like this should be held again with another exciting activities and paintings to show. (308 words)

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