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Place: Endless Possibilities Place, by definition is: An area with definite or indefinite boundaries; a portion of space. But, is this really what “place” means? Other words for place are situation, space, position, accommodation, and venue. But, these words really do not describe what a place is. Art of every kind begins with a place, whether big or small, far or close. The promises of what a “place” can be are truly infinite. A place can be somewhere you love, or somewhere that you hate. It can be somewhere that you want it to be, somewhere free or somewhere constricted. A place is reflected by who you are and your life’s background. A place is not just somewhere you are positioned in; it is an experience, with vague limits on what you can and cannot do there and can and cannot see, and how you see that place is affected by who you are as a person, and the road map you took to get to where you are, and the expression of art truly shows the meaning of “place” from every angle. Barry McGee is an artist, and his work is mostly paintings, drawings, and installations. He has very contemporary art, and uses items from the urban culture to build his installations. But, one of the things that are loved about McGee is that he is also a graffiti artist. He paints graffiti all over the cities of America. One of the reasons McGee loves the expression of graffiti is because it is an essential technique of communication to the world. It is something that cannot be achieved in conventional places, such as a museum or a gallery. A variety of people and a much larger audience can see his graffiti and it keeps him in touch with the audience of the world. McGee really understands the concept of place. Keeping paintings and art in a museum or in a gallery is really not going to be seen by a vast group because not everybody goes to those places. To McGee a place can be in a tiny

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