A Petition to the President of the United States Essay

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Terrorism today has become a transnational problem and is no longer contained within the borders or jurisdiction of a single state (Combs, 2011). States are unable to support or control terrorism and in turn end up becoming safe havens for these terrorist groups. Terrorism is like a business network with funding that cross the globe and an affiliation among groups with the same goals. The linkages between terrorist groups exist in the form of shared weapons, training camps, members and tactics. The most obvious linkage with terrorists became known after the September 11 attacks. Muslims initially condemned the Al Qaeda attacks on the United States until the U.S. invaded Iraq. This triggered chaos throughout the Middle East and resulted in even more Muslims support especially the Jihadists. The war unleashed a deep resentment and instability inspiring young Muslims to form a very deadly Jihad. This fueled one of the biggest factors in the spread of the Jihad movement. America’s involvement gives the Jihadists a big boost so they can exploit the anti-sentiment among Muslims. According to the National Intelligence Estimate Report states that the Iraq war has made the terrorism problem worse and identifies four major reasons that are at the root of the dissemination of the jihadist movement. First reason is the Muslim activists believe right or wrong that the Western civilizations desire is to force or intimidate Muslim and Islamic nations such as Afghanistan. Also the Muslim activists declare injustice against Muslim communities in non-Islamic countries ignoring their right to demonstrate their faith. Second reason is the Jihadists take advantage of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and of its subsequent occupation by the Western Nations without the approval in order to wage holy war or jihad against those who act high and mighty in Muslim territory. The third reason is
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