A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

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“A personalised induction will always be more effective”. Discuss. Base your answers on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class. All humans are different in many ways; although we might seem similar in appearance we have many different likes and dislikes. We all come from different environments and cultures and this shapes who we are and our moral and value systems. As hypnosis is working with the subconscious mind it is important to understand that every client will have different needs and in order to achieve the best chance of success we need to work very closely with them in assisting our clients to achieve the most beneficial state possible. Respecting your clients as individuals and not hypnotic subjects requires talking to them, getting to understand what kind of person they are by asking questions and more importantly listening to them. By listening and taking to them this allows the therapist to access doorways to their subconscious mind, as we can pay attention to the things that relax them, and furthermore, it can help to process the experiences and the style of behaviour that they will likely best react to. Personalising inductions also includes finding out what that person likes and dislikes and what they do in their spare time, any hobbies they might have exploring the words to use that will relax them. One would just assume that taking with language and the things we say are how we communicate. This is not entirely true because we also communicate greatly with our body language, tone and volume this is far more meaningful as we communicate more with this than the words that we speak. Interestingly, the words we use only make up 7% of our communication. Our tone and volume being higher at 38% and the rest at 55% is our body language. With these facts in mind using language in hypnosis, in order to achieve change, we have to
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