A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effec Essay

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Statement: A Personalised induction will always be more effective When you look at the above statement, you need only to apply a very small amount of logical thought, to realise that it is in fact, a very true statement? In fact, it would be highly illogical to think that when dealing with the complexity of human beings and in particular human individualities, that any statement other than the above would be foolish. In this paper we will look at all the available evidence to support this statement however, we will also look at evidence that will not just contradict this statement, but show there are certain circumstances or situations, when this statement is completely false. In order to personalise an induction, we need to first understand our client, their likes and dislikes, their work, hobbies etc. We need to be aware of what repels them as well as patterns of speech and behaviour that will relax them. It is respectful to treat a client as a person rather than just another hypnotic subject. This requires talking to them and more importantly, listening. This will provide the therapist with more ‘doorways’ into their clients subconscious, paying attention to the things that will relax them, the way they process experiences as well as the style of behaviour that they will best react too. But talking and listening to the client, as well as observing, their individual modalities can be assessed. All human beings are subject to the following modalities of which, some are more prominent than others. It is also not uncommon for a person to be susceptible to more than one; Visual (Sight) Auditory (Hear) Kinaesthetic (Touch) Olfactory (Smell) Gustatory (Taste) Personalised Induction types Permissive - You might like to close your eyes …. - You could make yourself as comfortable as possible …. - You might like to move around a
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