A Personalised Induction

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Linda Potter A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective Discuss This essay will explore the statement in the title that a personalised induction will always be more effective when used in the context of a Hypnotherapy session between Therapist and client. I will explore within this essay my own personal belief that personalising an induction is vitally important for the client. My reason for this belief is that I believe each person is unique and different in their own way. Therefore it is imperative to treat each person in an holistic or all round way. I will also discuss modalities, or the process that occurs when the brain receives information from our senses and how this represents itself internally. The senses I will be discussing for this essay are sight, hearing,smell and taste. The reason I am discussing modalities in relation to the effectiveness of a personalised induction is because I believe that it is part of the assessment process between therapist and client to ascertain which modality each individual feels most comfortable with. Further to this I will also discuss both the permissive and the authoritarian styles of hypnotic induction. This will include my belief that each person deserves to have a careful assessment or initial consultation from therapist to client and after careful consideration of the clients needs and preferences that the most appropriate screed would be used to benefit the client. . I will also discuss two very different hypnotherapists namely Dave Elman and Milton H Erickson. Lastly I will discuss hypnosis and mental health, and the tools that are often used in Hypnotherapy for assessment of a client, and to score an individual, which aids the hypnotherapist in the decision as to which style of screed to use in their clients therapy. Returning to the essay title, analizing the question as

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