A Person Wh Lifeo Has Had a Great Influence in My Essay

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In life, sometimes you meet people who could change your life around. It could be your family, friends, or your teachers. Life is a theatre of life, full of positive and negative altogether. Before my life was full of negative things. I quite a timid girl and lack of self confident. I often feels butterfly in my stomach when I in front of people, it leading to my bad in communicating. My best friend, Nana is the most important person in my life, because she helps me to transform from a gloomy person to a bright girl, and show me how to be optimistic for a better life. Nana is quite chirpy and astute. She is short and skinny, with bright complexion and a pair of sparkling black eyes. We first met in elementary school. We were in the same class, but of course I did not recognize her at first, as I was in ‘landmine’ in class. I rarely pay attention to my surrounding most of the time. I ‘did’ tried to start a conversation with my fellow classmates, but all my effort failed. I cannot handle my nervous in front of people. Then one day, by a pure coincident, Nana and I being put in the same group for a class project. She is the one taking initiative approaching me. She really is a talkative and keeps bothering me with question, but personally I don’t hate it. Well at least, there we someone to talk to. I answer her questions simply. From that moment, we become quite close. I got the feelings that we have some similar interest. Also, Nana introduced me to her friends, which also were my other fellow classmates. Even so, I seldom talked much besides with Nana. It created an awkward situation. From then on, Nana always nominated and encouraged me to take place in class activity and school contest. I against it at first, but Nana said it was for my own benefit. Whenever I feel down and wanting to give up, Nana always there lighted up my spirit. Thankfully, day by day, my

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