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A Perfect Day It was a cold winters morning about 6am, the sun was just tipping over the horizon, but the stars were still in the sky, the temperature was just above freezing. Every few miles there would be a dog walker with their hats and scarves on and even some of the dogs had coats on, they were all really friendly because of the build up to Christmas. They were smiling and chatting and the dogs were barking and playful. You could here the sound of birds chirping from miles away, there was frost on the windows of mostly every building. People’s Christmas decorations were still flashing all sorts of colours like a gigantic toy store. The smell in the air was so fresh it made your insides feel cold. Leaves were floating from the trees as if they had parachutes on them. You can here the sound of the waves washing up against the Shore. As you turned the corner there would be random joggers with their red noses, due to the temperature. And the fishermen on the beach with their flasks in their hands. They were shivering and wrinkled like they had been in the bath all night. Walking across the beach with the dog, throwing the ball for him to fetch it, it was like being in heaven the most peaceful place I had ever been in, the perfect weather for an early morning. It was just the type of morning everybody would want to wake up to. There was everything, fresh air, fresh smell, friendly people, no noise, like a dream. As I was walking home from a lovely morning, I felt a snow flake land on my nose, then I looked up and there was snow falling everywhere. It looked like someone had thrown a blanket over the sky. Lots of people started running out of their houses, they were all holding sledges and trays all running to the nearest hill, because the snow was settling fast. There were snow balls flying every were, I was walking home ducking from all of the

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