A Peek on Her Cheecks Essay

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Question: We looked at each other and smiled. (50marks) A Peck On Her Cheecks. This is the story of a girl called Amutha. She was 8 years old in 2003. I am her dad, Ragu. I am an author who writes many famous novels. One of my favourite novels is about a baby girl who was forced to be abandoned by her mother who was a Sri Lankan refugee. Amutha’s mom is a homemaker. She has a grandfather, Mr. Soomu who is comitee member in the Rameshwaram refugee camp. She has two younger brothers Nickillen and Suresh. Well, this seems to be a happy family, but only until the truth was hidden. It was 2004. Half a year flew by so fast. It was Amutha’s 9th birthday. Her mom asked me if it was okay to let her know the truth. Wasn’t she a bit too young? I took Amutha to the temple that day, then to Marina Beach. Amutha was running in circles around me on the fine sand of the beach. The sun shone so bright, making the sand particles shine like diamonds. Finally the truth was out. I plucked all my courage to say that Amutha was adopted. At first she laughed in disbelief and then tears started to roll down her soft cheecks. She ran far away from me. I brought her home. She was moody the whole day. As dawn was coming to an end, Priya was preparing dinner. Nickillen and Suresh were in their room. Grandpa was on his rocking chair browsing through some books. Amutha was on my lap as I was swinging on the built in home swing. It was a very quiet and dull environment when out of the blue Amutha asked, “Who are my real parents Appa?” I was silent. My dad then explained, “I don’t know who your dad was but your mom was a refugee at my Rameshwaram camp. All the refugees that came in tiny boats from Lanka were in total despair. Your mom was conceiving then. As I was explaining to them some of the rules, your mom suddenly had her labour pain. A few weeks after that she had to go back to

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