A Pearl in the Storm

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In the story A Pearl in the Storm, Tori Murden McClure faced numerous obstacles throughout her journey rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Without previous experiences, and the motivation she received from her friends and family, Tori might have not been able to accomplish her goal. During our lifetime, everyone faces obstacles. Whether the situation is learning to ride a bike, or determining what you want to major in, we all face challenging scenarios every day. A Pearl in the Storm was chosen because as incoming freshmen, we will be facing many obstacles, not only throughout college, but for the rest of our lives. It may not be rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, but there will be challenging scenarios similar to Tori’s. I believe A Pearl in the Storm was selected as this year’s required reading book for first-year students for numerous reasons. Everyone has personal goals they would like to achieve. While Tori’s was rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, others might be graduating from college with a Master’s Degree. To accomplish that goal, you have to believe in yourself and stay positive while trying to accomplish it. During Tori’s expedition, she had one goal in mind: to row across the Atlantic Ocean successfully. In order for her to do this, she had to stay positive, even though it was difficult to do this at times. Throughout the story, Tori talked about her family. At one point in the story, she stated she wanted to accomplish her journey for her younger brother. Although we will miss our families while we’re away from them, we have to finish what we started so not only will we be proud of ourselves, but they will be proud of us as well. Although the challenges we face might not be as challenging as Tori Murden McClure’s, we all face them every day. I believe this book was selected to teach us that as students, we will face numerous

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