A Passion for Reading: My Personal Story Essay

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Natalia Royer Prof. Riveland ENG 101-116 September 20th, 2013 A Passion for Reading: My Personal Story Discovering something new is always an exciting, enticing experience. As a child, you are constantly discovering and learning about aspects of the world. Certain aspects interest us more than others. Reading is introduced to a child usually when they are very young. We are taught to read in school, by our parents, or sometimes even teach ourselves. My parents were the main people who got me hooked on reading. I learned to read at around the ages of three and four. To me, books were the most exciting things in the entire world. Reading became an activity that I loved right away. I was enthusiastic about reading, and it became a passion of mine. The first books I began with as a very young child were books about cats and kittens. I had just gotten my first kitten who I named Spooky. My parents knew about my strong interest in animals (cats in particular), so they bought me a book named Slinky Malinki Open the Door. This book was about a mischievous kitten that has many crazy adventures. It reminded me of my own kitten. Also as a young child, I read books about medicine and other sciences. My hope was to someday become a doctor or veterinarian. Even now, my dream is still related to the medical sciences, as I want to become a nurse. As I grew older, my reading tastes stayed the same. However, I also developed additional interests. History books and historical fiction became of interest to me around the 4th-8th grades. I explored a variety of topics; such as the great depression, the Civil War, World War II, medieval times, and even the Black Plague epidemic. These books were obviously way above 4th-8th grade reading levels, but I still learned a lot from them. During my high school years, I read all of the same kinds of books except for

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