A Part of Rock History Essay

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A Part of Rock History by, Eliel Ortiz My first summer after graduating High School in 1997 and the air was filled with a feeling of freedom and uncertainty. The day was a typically clear and sunny Florida day, up until I received a phone call from my good friend Daryl. He asked me, “Hey man, do you want to be a part of history and go to Ozzfest; I have two extra tickets?” I confirmed and thereafter called my girlfriend to explain the change in events. Her reaction wasn’t as dramatically fashioned as mine but I knew we were both in for a day and night of excitement. This is no ordinary concert; this is Ozzfest, two stages and fifteen bands, for twelve hours! One of the bands on the venue is Black Sabbath and they’ll be performing with all their original band members. This is only one of the soon to be (if not already) legendary bands in the history of Rock Music we will be seeing soon. A few minutes passed and the reality in the matter was sinking in. I looked at my watch and it read a quarter after ten. Considering that the concert begins at noon and the drive to Pompano Beach (with traffic) will be two hours; we started preparing things for the trip. We finished rather quickly, and it didn’t take long before we were out the door and in the car. Finally, we were on the road and I could only imagine the sounds that will soon be piercing my ears. The day felt peaceful and quite as we cruised at a steady speed. After an hour, our pace declined as we inched closer to the Coral Sky Amphitheater. Then it started to hit me; we were only a few minutes from our destination. I could feel the electricity in the air. I realized that we were only minutes from being directed to park. Now I could see the amphitheater and it seemed larger than life. It seemed as if it were more enormous than the Pyramids of Egypt! After we parked I

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