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Introduction DBS was first established as the Development Bank of Singapore in 1968 and has since grown and changed into a successful monetary services group. It has since expanded regionally with more than 250 branches in 16 countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and China to name a few. The bank has earned Global Finance’s “Safest Bank in Asia” accolade from 2009 to 2013 due to the bank’s strong capital position and it having one of the highest credit ratings in the Asia- Pacific Region. In Singapore, DBS is headquartered and listed. Apart from that, DBS manages two brands- DBS and POSB. These two brands combined, run almost 80 branches and more than 1100 ATMs across the island. The bank also has leading market shares in credit cards and mortgage loans, making it one of the top consumer banks in Singapore. DBS also has a broad range of capabilities in risk management, foreign exchange and derivatives, money market and securities trading to corporations and financial institutions. Corporate Identity The visual aspects of DBS comprises of its logo, office design, retail outlet design, corporate website, social media sites and its printed collaterals. The logo of DBS is a red symbol with the letters ‘DBS’ beside it. It is very simple and understated, which gives it a very clean and clear cut appearance. DBS has three offices in Singapore with the headquarters located at Tower 3 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre. It has 46 floors, is very spacious and is extremely well-furnished. Apart from just having work spaces for the employees, the building also has the ‘DBS Asia Central Auditorium’ to conduct talks and workshops. DBS has also implemented social hubs on every floor of their office. Each social hub is fully equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, snack & drink vending machines. These social hubs are also a place where employees can foster stronger

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