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The presented stories provided varying degrees of insight into the mindsets of two teenagers involved directly or indirectly with the opposite sex. Although they are presented through very different angles of storytelling, I believe they convey a similar message. “Lust” begins with a young lady bearing an ‘eager to please’ outlook on her male companions. She takes the audience along a brief tour of her relationships and sexual encounters detailing each companion’s particular quirks. Such details include physical descriptions, emotional responses, and minor insight into the downfall of each relationship. Progressing through the adventures/ misadventures of the leading lady, the audience begins to feel wavering…show more content…
Delicately observing the ladies, he becomes mesmerized by the leader of the pack. He seems to be unable to stop eying her features and behavior as she wanders about the aisles. As she comes to his lane ready to check out, his elder superior notices the ladies’ appearances and immediately begins to condescend to the ladies about the inappropriateness of their attire. The leader/ object of the boy’s affection attempts an explanation but the manager won’t have it. After the slight embarrassment, the women begin to leave when the male storyteller makes his sacrifice. He begins removing his work uniform and informs his superior that he quits. That being said, the superior warns him that there will be repercussions for his actions as the superior knows the boy’s parents. Unmoved by the warning, the boy exits the store and searches for the ladies he indirectly defended. “A&P” shows that males can and will make sacrifices for the opposite sex just as the young lady did in “Lust.” Although the settings/ situations were infinitely different, the core mindset was maintained through both
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