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Sammy, the narrator of and cashier at A&P, is an opinionated, cynical, typical teenage boy with an obvious physical attraction to the opposite sex. Sammy is aware of everything around him and seems to have everybody figured out. From, according to Sammy, the witch-like customer whom he’s ringing up at the time he catches a glimpse of the three half-naked girls, to his coworker and manager. Sammy’s imperfections and narrow-mindedness are revealed by his particular observations. For example, the hanging bathing suit straps of one of the girls and the precise tan line boundaries of the other. Sammy is a standard example of an unreliable narrator, a complete character in the story whose opinions must be analyzed rather than simply accepted. Despite Sammy’s apparent interest in the three young, barely clothed girls, he seems at first a bit disgusted when he notices they are bare foot. He say’s “They didn’t even have shoes on”. It appeared that he found it repulsive. However, it is evident that he is merely examining the girls. Lengel is Sammy’s uptight,…show more content…
Prior to the embarrassment she experiences, she goes about finding her snacks. Her confidence brings to light her awareness of being watched. It’s almost as if she’s putting on a show. When Lengel challenges her behavior, however, her self-confidence deteriorates. Accused of her skimpy attire, she discovers that her yearning to be seductive has left her helpless when she becomes aware of the position of which she has put herself. The Fancy Herring Snacks that Queenie purchases, takes on a symbolic value in Sammy’s eyes. Instantly, Sammy visualizes himself in Queenie’s living room surrounded by her parents and other wealthy adults. Rather than be offended by Queenie for her social advantages, Sammy envies her

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