A Note to Parents Essay

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Developmental Writing & Reading 07/27/2013 Reaction Journal: "A Note to Parents" In the Essay “A Note to Parents,” by Ruben Navarette Jr. writes about how parents this days gives in to their children. Ruben Navarette Jr., explains how children are different from today’s society than before. Parents can’t teach their children about responsibility and hard work, because they are too busy working. Instead, parents just give in to their children than to put up with the whining. Navarette taught us how to value our dollars, and have our kids to be responsible. Upon reading the essay, I am totally agreeing to what author was trying to say. When I was growing up I have never experienced that kind of privilege of what he mentioned in paragraph 4. Instead, I am force to work at McDonald’s at an early age just to get what I want. Although, I never really grew up with my parents, I still manage to know how to become responsible. I came from a broken family, so I don’t know the feeling of the one that’s spoiled, but I’m sure that I envy them. Growing up without a parent is hard, I am always lost and no directions to go to. Now that I have a daughter (she’s 4 years of age), I would like to teach her the value of money and become responsible to life. I am not a perfect father, I am divorced to my daughter’s mom, I can give my daughter anything she wants, but the two things that I always give my daughter, that is Time and Love. In conclusion, parents have to give more time to their children and teach them how to be responsible and how to value
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