A Non-Traditional Educaction Essay

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A Nontraditional Education While most children in Spain attend a mainstream school, there are many countries in the entire world, such as United States, United Kingdom, Japan or India where the number of "alternative schools" is increasing. These schools are educational establishments which are using methods that are nontraditional as an alternative to the traditional class organizational structure. It's a fact that the result of conventional education is a failure. As a consequence, there is a large number of students who leave school before graduating. As José Luis García Garrido, member of the European Academy of Science and Arts says: "There is no learning if the student doesn't accept it in an autonomous way." On the one hand, autonomy is mainly what alternative schools suggest through assembles where children have the opportunity to express themselves in their own way. On the other hand, teachers tend to discourage conformity and praise originality in their pupils. Nevertheless, is this formula the solution for improving the results of our educational system? According to García Garrido "The methods in alternative schools are presented as an innovation. However, everything has been invented since ages. Therefore these aren't the panacea." It's more than usual that these institutions require a financial contribution from the parents. Thus, people who are against them claim that they're exclusive. In my opinion the world has changed spectacularly in most fields since the original educational system was established. Consequently, it would be logical an educational breakthrough which would include news formulas and projects. In addition I believe that for learning as for other important aspects in life, it is necessary the decentralization of authority. People who grew emotional free with moral values but hard rules are really happy and feel
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