A Nightmare Essay

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I just ate my last piece of bread and was ready to go to bed . A hug to mum, a hug to dad and a hug to my dear little brother. Finally I was cuddled in my blankets and fell asleep. Suddenly I opened my eyes and found myself in a huge ,silky and dull-looking bed that made me feel damp and sank to the ground . I got off the bed and went outside. To my surprise, there was a young girl crying, and she looked up at me and said “Because of you this place ended up like this !!! “ Her eyes started to glow, and bats came out of her mouth and she disappeared. I ran out of the door, there I saw a Dracula smiling, blood dripping from his mouth and he flew passed by me. I ran outside the exit door way and found myself in a graveyard. I passed by one of the dead bodies that was lying out there on the ground, right near me. Right near me a scarecrow appeared with fiery looking eyes that glowed in the ghostly, silky sky. Out of its mouth, bats flew and covered me. “GET UP!!! GET UP!!! “ shouted my mother. Then I realized it was a nightmare and I was relief to know that it was so. I came downstairs and ate my breakfast and went out to play. While I was playing I saw a huge bat and screamed out. I swiftly ran indoors. MAY BE THERE ARE REAL GHOSTS THAT STILL

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